How it works

We are slowly perfecting the collaborative process as we go, but this is how we work:

  1. A demo is recorded by one member to give the others an idea of the arrangement.
  2. Simon sets up a click track using the demo as a template, and records a guide track for the drummer to play over.
  3. Simon takes the WAV files for the drums, uploads them into Cubase and lays down the bass track.
  4. Simon creates an MP3 file of the rough bass and drums mix and emails it to Paul and Matthew.
  5. Matthew and Paul record the vocals and guitar parts, using the MP3 as a guide track.
  6. Once the other tracks are complete, we export them as WAV files and upload them onto YouSendIt, as they're too big to email.
  7. Simon then imports the WAV files into Cubase and starts work on the mix, occasionally emailing sections out as MP3s for review.
In fact, all of us often chat on Messenger while Simon's mixing and he'll drop a section straight into the conversation window so we can check it out while he's still working on it.

The future

We have several new tracks planned, and as we progress, there's no reason why we couldn't all be working on different songs at the same time, as we all have the capability to mix the various takes and produce a final cut of the song.

List of songs

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