The Idea

Simon and Matthew cooked up the idea of a virtual cover band using recordings 'by post' on the Queen Online forums in August 2005. Both had been working on some home-based recording projects...add the internet, and hey presto - the embryonic beginnings of a band that never has been in the same place at the same time for rehearsal (in fact at the time of writing, one year on, Simon has yet to meet either Matthew or Paul, or even speak to them on the phone)!

Matthew and Paul had worked together in the past, but when Paul moved to the U.S. it looked like there would be no more collaborating. Thank God for technology!

The Objective

Queen has been an influence for all the contributors, so was an obvious choice for material when Matthew and Simon started discussing the idea.

Our objective is to record some of that fantastic music with a bit of our own 'Virtual Queen' flavour and to raise money for the Mercury Phoenix Trust along the way. By downloading the tracks, you can do your bit in the fight against AIDS - the disease that has robbed the world of so many talented individuals, including Freddie.

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