The Brink: 1991-1992

Following Keiron's departure, Bad Girl City was no more, all of us going off in our own directions, but it wasn't long before a new band surfaced.

Matt and I drank in a pub in the Broadwater area of Worthing called The Southdown, who held a disco every Sunday evening. One of the DJs, Phil Young, suggested we chat with a friend of his who was putting a band together. We quickly met up with Andrew Knight (AKA Bowvayne, a children's author) and his girlfriend, Liz, to discuss the project. The Brink was Bow's idea as a vehicle for Liz to sing and play guitar with Matt on drums and me on bass. Later on, Steve Underhill from Bad Girl City would occasionally add second guitar.

Before long we found ourselves gigging and, once again, we returned to The Thieves Kitchen to start off. Material included Billy Idol, The Doors, T-Rex, Queen, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams. Not as heavy as we had been playing with Bad Girl City, but wider ranging than our ARDIA set.

Gigs took in pubs in the surrounding areas of Brighton, Littlehampton and Chichester before we extended our range to Kent and London. One memorable day saw us perform as a 3 piece in Horatio's Bar at the end of Brighton Pier at lunchtime, before a mad dash up to North London to an Irish Bar to perform as a 4 piece with a guitarist I had met when I moved there a few months earlier. What made it all the more fun was the fact that Horatio's wasn't at the road end of the pier. It was half a mile out to sea. We had to transport all our gear from the road, down a busy pier, into the bar. And back again afterwards.

Fortunately, they had a mini tractor and trailer, but it still took several whole minutes to get to the bar - always a prospect that makes me shaky!

During the life of the band I had to move to London with work. Obviously it was going to be difficult keeping up the band, so they took on a new bassist in Ashley Woods. For the most part Ash played with the band, although I filled in on a few gigs in the capital and occasionally when I was home in Worthing. On one occasion, each of us took a phone call from Bow asking us to play. We spoke during the afternoon, finding out that we were both booked for the gig. We decided to go down in one car with one set of gear and do a set each. The look on Bow's face, as we walked in together and he realised he'd double booked us, was priceless.

It soon became impossible to continue with the band and I quit in the summer of '92, with the band eventually folding completely.

Bow went on to produce an album undser his own name. Below is the video for lead single, Molten: